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Fernando Otzet, Spanish cardiologist, 1906-1984. See: Martorell syndrome.
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Release date- 12082019 - As part of its commitment to creating a factory that is smart, digitalised and connected, the SEAT Martorell plant has successfully implemented two unique collaborative robots.
Contract notice: supply related to 20 track devices and 5 kettles for the replacement of assets to the beach of roads of the workshops of martorell
En 2018, Seat a fabrique des vehicules a Martorell, Kvasiny et MladEi Boleslav (Republique tcheque), Palmela (Portugal) et Bratislava (Slovaquie), ainsi qu'a Wolfsburg (Allemagne), ou la production de la nouvelle Seat Tarraco a debute.
It becomes the second premium car produced in Spain after the Audi Q3 as production starts in Martorell.
delegation to the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris (a detail that Sullivan relegates to an endnote).As Martorell has pointed out (email of July 3, 2015), this portrait, like others of colonial governors by both Oller and Ramon Frade, "responds to the ambiguous and difficult relationship between artists and representatives of imperial power.
The colour and trim team at Martorell, in Spain, are tasked with creating the car colours that will seduce customers into buying a new car such as the Ibiza.
De acuerdo con el compromiso social que ha caracterizado la trayectoria de los arquitectos Josep Martorell, Oriol Bohigas y David Mackay, la educacion de los mas pequenos ha supuesto una de sus continuas preocupaciones; inquietud que se ha visto reflejada en sus edificios (1).
MADRID, May 9 (KUNA) -- The German car manufacturer Volkswagen announced late Friday a massive investment of EUR 4.2 billion in two of its factories in Spain; in Martorell (Greater Barcelona) and in Navarra.
Employing around 500 workers at the sites in Valencia, Saragossa and Martorell Valautomocion provides services for its customers Ford, Opel, SEAT and Kautex in Spain.
SEAT'S Martorell plant in Barcelona is heralding the production of the five millionth Ibiza with a production line celebration.
* Rajeev Darolia and Cory Koedel, University of Missouri, and Francisco Martorell and Katie Wilson, RAND Corporation, "Do Employers Prefer Workers Who Attend For-Profit Colleges ?
En ningun lugar como en Constantinopla se esforzo Joannot Martorell por resaltar la esencia ambiental y paisajistica de las escenas presentadas en el Tirant lo Blanc.