Giovanni, Italian physician, 1857-1928. See: Martinotti cell.
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Por ejemplo, Hector Martinotti, un profesor de filosofia proveniente de la Universidad Catolica de La Plata (UCALP), incluia como material de lectura de la materia Filosofia Social la obra de Jacques de Mahie, un emigrado frances colaborador del regimen de Vichy, que en el medio local habia influido en la agrupacion de ultraderecha Tacuara.
District Judge for the District of New Jersey Brian Martinotti's opinion read, "This Court finds Plaintiffs have adequately alleged fraudulent, unfair, or unconscionable conduct."
Prosecco employs the Martinotti Method, and it all takes place in a tank: easy to control, easy to remove spent yeast cells ("lees") and safe.
The expansion of the Naples, which has occurred mainly in the surrounding urban rings, was testified by two indicators: (i) the diffusion over the territory of commercial and leisure activities, with direct consequences on the costs of urban mobility and the environment (Martinotti 1993; Dal Piaz 1995; Burchell et al.
The injunction was granted to the company's subsidiaries Par Pharmaceutical and Par Sterile Products (Par) by US district judge, Brian Martinotti.
[29.] Martinotti G, Di Nicola M, Di Giannantonio M, Janiri L.
Janiri, L., Martinotti, G., Dario, T., Reina, D., Paparello, F., Pozzi, G., ...
Martinotti developed a unique "bellwether settlement" process to encourage repeat-litigators to share information they ordinarily would not--particularly when preparing for high-stakes bellwether trials.