Martin-Gruber anastomosis

Mar·tin-Gru·ber a·nas·to·mo·sis

(mahr'tin grū'ber),
a nerve anomaly in the forearm in which motor axons that will ultimately innervate various intrinsic hand muscles supplied by the ulnar nerve, cross from the median nerve (typically its anterior interosseous branch) to the main trunk of the ulnar nerve; also referred to as a median-to-ulnar crossover.
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George B., German physician, 1884-1977.
Martin-Gruber anastomosis - see under Martin, August E
Meckel-Gruber syndrome - see under Meckel, Johann Friedrich, the younger


August E., German gynecologist, 1847-1933.
Martin tube - a drainage tube with a cross piece near the extremity to keep it from slipping out of a cavity.
Martin-Gruber anastomosis - a nerve anomaly in the forearm, consisting of a median-to-ulnar nerve communication.
Martin-Albright syndrome - hereditary defects. Synonym(s): Albright IV syndrome
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Martin-Gruber Anastomosis (MGA) is a well known neuronal anomalous connection occurring at various levels between median and ulnar nerves in the forearm.
Other unusual findings were explained by possibility of an anomalous median to ulnar motor connections (Martin-Gruber anastomosis).
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