Meltzer, Martin

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Martin, U.S. physician, 1930–.
Meltzer syndrome - vascular, renal, and arthritic disturbances.
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"It became apparent that lab directors were not aware of what to do if there was a flu pandemic," explains Martin Meltzer, senior health economist and distinguished consultant at the CDC.
John Glasser, * Martin Meltzer, * and Bruce Levin ([dagger])
Attorney Martin Meltzer recommends conducting a thorough evaluation and trying to work it out first without having to get litigious.
The owner, represented by Belkin Burden Wenig & Goldman, LLP (partners Martin Meltzer at the deposition and Joseph Burden at the trial), demonstrated, and the Court found, that there was "no real public representation of [the tenant/claimant's] relationship"; the tenant's daughter, rather than the claimant, controlled the tenant's finances when he took ill; the tenant's will made no mention of the claimant; the claimant was not a beneficiary under the tenant's insurance policy; and all funeral arrangements were handled by the tenant's daughter.
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