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The forest is critical habitat, particularly for Huon (or Matschie's) tree kangaroos, an Endangered species which is one of Earth's unique creatures with a bear-like head, strong arms for climbing and marsupial pouch.
However, a significantly more mouthwatering investment is taking a piece of Surrey's 5-2 offer on the Wallabies putting the Kiwis in their marsupial pouch and backing Australia in receipt of eight points on the 9-10 handicap line.
Adaptations of marsupial pouch young for extrauterine existence.
The most important were two "marsupial pouches" (belts that Velcro around your midsection and contain pockets for drains, a nasty topic to be addressed later;) and a blazer with inside pockets for drains, in case you want to go somewhere.
the sun has leapt from the great marsupial pouches of the dormerless