Marlboro Man

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An icon used in the visible and supremely successful tobacco advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes, from 1954 to 1999, which projected a rugged and manly cowboy image, conceived as a way to popularise filtered cigarettes, which in 1954 were considered feminine
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Another Marlboro Man, William Thourlby, died aged 89 last year.
We are not called to be rugged individualists like the Marlboro Man, but to be a communal instrument of blessing to the world.
Bill was television's first Marlboro Man, though he struck his cowboy pose sitting atop a split-rail fence in the Elliot Unger Elliot Studio on West 54th Street, five thousand martinis east of the lonesome prairie.
The advertising agency famous for creating memorable "product characters" like the Jolly Green Giant, Charlin the Tuna and the legendary Marlboro Man to help move its client's goods, will soon be moving its own offices from Hudson Square to Midtown South.
A Marlboro man, living in a world of bulldozers and concrete mixers, has switched his brand of cigarettes to American Spirit.
What distinguishes the twangy rant isnAAEt the lyric, a routine broadside aimed at warmongering, among other things (AoWeAAEll turn the Marlboro man into a Marine / The brave youth will come from far and wide / With 9/11 as a
THE company behind the Marlboro man is suing the Government in a bid to overturn a ban on displaying cigarettes in shops.
With professional anecdotes ranging from television characters to the famous Marlboro man, her experiences will serve as a boon to any trying to break out of ruts of their own.
The actor who played the Marlboro Man for the world's best-selling cigarette company died of lung cancer.
Yet somehow the Marlboro Man endures, even if saying his name is an exercise in linguistic futility.
He was dubbed "The Marlboro Man," and eventually identified as Lance Cpl.
MARLBORO man and other macho adverts are putting off modern "metrosexual" men from buying their products, new research has found.