Markov chain

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(Markoff), Andrei, Russian mathematician, 1865-1922.
Markov chain - number of steps or events in sequence.
Markov chaining - a theory used in psychiatry.
Markov process - a process such that the conditional probability distribution for the state at any future instant, given the present state, is unaffected by any additional knowledge of the past history of the system.

Markov chain, Markov model

a mathematical model that makes it possible to study complex systems by establishing a state of the system and then effecting a transition to a new state, such a transition being dependent only on the values of the current state, and not dependent on the previous history of the system up to that point.
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A Markov chain is homogeneous if all transition probabilities are independent of time,
In order to estimate the duration time of residual energy, this strategy uses future vehicle speed predicted by a Markov chain model.
6 CSMA/CA procedure in terms of normalized throughput and head of line delay by exploiting the proposed Markov chain model.
n] the output sum of the Markov chain with respect to k.
Analysis of a Markov Chain Model of a Multistage Manufacturing System with Inspection, Rejection, and Rework.
The Markov chain for this system in shown in Figure 6.
Operation of the water management in drought conditions and indicators using statistical distribution of Markov chain PNPI, Water and Wastewater Engineering Conference Kashan.
Step 3: Using nonlinear optimization algorithm to estimate TPM by minimizing the distance measure between the estimated condition ratings from Eqn (6) and the expected condition ratings derived from the desired Markov chain model according to Eqn (4).
In this paper, Markov chain model is used to solve a reliability problem with different sets of parameters, which allows performing uncertainty and sensitivity analysis [11].
Markov chain methods use a TPM, with cross correlations, to accommodate this large number of classes.