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Andrei, Russian mathematician, 1865-1922. See: Markov process.
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Markov mentioned that Armenia occupied not only Nagorno-Karabakh but also seven adjacent regions.
Markov graph model represents the system in terms of the system states and transitions between the states, the representation will be particularly interesting to study dependability, the designer has the ability to view all of the operating modes (nominal and degraded) and the feared states of the system studied, and all failure rates (transitions) components, thereby improving the overall understanding of the behavior and evolution of the system in the presence of failures.
We aim to address the exponential stability and [H.sub.[infinity]] control problem for a class of discrete-time time-delay stochastic systems with infinite Markov jumps and multiplicative noises in this paper.
The accuracy of classification results after using Markov Logic of low and high pressure zones is depicted in Table 2.
A discrete-state, discrete-time Markov stochastic process is called a Markov chain.
That evening Markov, who had been a critic of communist Bulgaria, developed a fever and was admitted to St James' Hospital in Balham, where he died four days later, on September 11, at the age of 49.
Nomikos and Alizade (2004) examined the efficiency of hedge proportions generated from Markov regime switching models in the oil futures markets.
Markov continued to his office and noticed a small red pimple had formed at the site of his "sting" and the pain had not eased.
(1) A star Markov repairable system with spatial dependence consists of n components that are divided into two types (peripheral and center) and arranged in a star.
Keywords: Markov source, variance, covariance, independence, Hamming weight, Matrix-Tree Theorem, transducer, central limit theorem
An interpreter, who had been employed to translate court proceedings into Turkish - Markov's second language - was excused.
"As if scared of the sky,'' sings Markov, "the kite won't fly/bet you Sarah won't cry.''