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(trend) [Old English trendan, to roll, revolve]
The inclination to proceed in a certain direction or at a certain rate; used to describe the prognosis or course of a symptom, disease, or methods of disease management.

pernicious trend

In psychology, an abnormal departure from conventional ideas and social interests.

secular trend

A long-term trend that develops or progresses over many years. The tendency for girls to begin menstruating at younger and younger ages during the twentieth century is an example.
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Download "Guide Note 12: Analyzing Market Trends" at
The European Paper Recycling Conference offers recyclers, brokers, consumers, mill representatives and equipment and service providers involved in secondary fiber trading and processing an important forum to network with industry colleagues and to discuss the latest market trends.
MGIC's MTI is based on the quarterly Market Trend Analysis Report produced by MGIC's Credit Policy department using lagging three-month market data from 73 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs).
Smart investors rely on advisers who understand behavioral finance and are able to analyze how individual and group behavior influence market trends.
The theme of the Congress was "Innovations in the Foundries of the 21st Century." Mert Flemings, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, gave the keynote address, which examined technology's influence on the future market trends for casting.
The conference provides leading-edge expertise on local housing market trends and economic and demographic indicators.
Personal Finance Editor Scott will review a few of his picks as well as give insight on investment strategies and market trends.
Regarding educational applications, the report, officially called QED's School Market Trends: Internet Usage in Teaching 2001, found that more than 92 percent of teachers use the Internet for supplementary materials.
magazine called in the experts for some "color commentary" on market trends in coated papers.
(See detailed profiles of key figures in the oil sector in APS Review's Oil Market Trends, Gas Market Trends and Downstream Trends Vol.56, No.1).
A community bank facing such a predicament recently commissioned Market Trends.
Alternatively, royalty or intangible holding companies can be established to segregate information such as market trends, buying habits, etc.