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(trend) [Old English trendan, to roll, revolve]
The inclination to proceed in a certain direction or at a certain rate; used to describe the prognosis or course of a symptom, disease, or methods of disease management.

pernicious trend

In psychology, an abnormal departure from conventional ideas and social interests.

secular trend

A long-term trend that develops or progresses over many years. The tendency for girls to begin menstruating at younger and younger ages during the twentieth century is an example.
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Austin, Buffalo, Indianapolis, Rochester, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Syracuse are currently "soft", and San Jose is currently rated "weak." On the other end of the spectrum, Nassau-Suffolk, NY; Orange County, CA; Riverside-San Bernardino, CA; San Diego, CA; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL; and Washington, DC, are currently "strong", according to MGIC's Market Trend Analysis.
Fitch's latest 'Global CLO Market Trends Quarterly' newsletter is available at '' or by clicking on the link above.
The report analyzes market trends and forecasts from 2012 to 2019.
Reviewing current market trends and policy developments will be Gary Ford, NFU's chief poultry adviser.
AlgoTrades' policy is to profit from market trends, so it doesn't hedge.
"Today's conference is about Moody's considering the GCC in the context of broader emerging market trends, and particularly how global energy trends impact banks, businesses and states", said Mr El-Nakla.
"Following success with similar ventures in other regions we are launching the competition to highlight the market trends, reward those who are already using a registered Beltex ram, and to encourage others to reap the rewards themselves."
Majed Hani, who briefed who highlighted market trends, stressing in this regard, the availability of a large inventory of all consumer goods, including prized items in this holy month.
Guide Note 12 covers such topics as the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, due diligence and market trends analysis, reconciling the quality and quantity of available data (which is especially critical when markets lack current, good-quality data), observing and understanding the symptoms affecting market trends, and determining when a bust market has started to improve and when a bubble market has started to decline.
The meeting, which was chaired by DTCM director general Khalid A Bin Sulayem, also included a discussion about the growth potential and market trends for the current year, said a statement.