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skillful or dexterous treatment by the hands. In physical therapy, the forceful passive movement of a joint beyond its active limit of motion.
joint manipulation the attempt to restore the full joint mobility by a single forceful movement. It may be performed with the patient under anesthesia, as when restoring knee or shoulder motion after prolonged loss of motion with formation of adhesions that limit joint play. Joint manipulation applied to a spinal joint (usually referred to as high-velocity) is a short-amplitude thrust that is beyond the patient's voluntary control; it is always performed with the patient conscious.
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a. The act or practice of manipulating.
b. The state of being manipulated.
2. Shrewd or devious management, especially for one's own advantage.
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The mechanical changing of a body position as a therapeutic intervention.
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The mechanical changing of a body position as a therapy.
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1. Skillful manual exploration of an object or person.
See also: manual therapy, mobilization
2. A passive therapeutic intervention associated with small-amplitude high-velocity movement at the end of the available range of motion in a joint.
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Any operation performed with the hands, especially one purporting to restore displaced parts to a normal relationship. See also OSTEOPATHY.
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Patient discussion about manipulation

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More discussions about manipulation
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Market manipulation imposes significant social and financial costs on the financial markets.
(48) Thus, effective regulation addressing market manipulation must consider both the harm the conduct has on the integrity of the market and notions of fairness.
One of the primary difficulties in dealing with market manipulation is the absence of an agreed-upon definition.
But structurally, market manipulation is based on the trader's scienter and the harm she inflicts on the market-both of which are necessary.
As explained in the discussion of anti-manipulation laws below, all traditional understandings of market manipulation entail both intent and harm.
Fraud and misleading statements are the least controversial form of market manipulation, likely owing to their common law roots.
Part III asks whether the reasons for requiring a showing of market efficiency are applicable in market manipulation cases, and finds that they are not.
(28) The next year, Congress passed the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (1934 Act), (29) which sought to address the problem of stock market manipulation. (30) The 1934 Act forbids various "manipulative" trading practices, such as wash sales (31) and matched orders, (32) which could potentially be used to create a false impression of heightened trading activity and fool ordinary investors into entering the market.
(35) For reasons that will soon become clear, it would have behooved Congress to maintain a clean distinction between market manipulation, on the one hand, and fraud, through false disclosure or nondisclosure, on the other.
(101) The question addressed in Part III is whether this particular gatekeeping requirement has any logical force in cases alleging market manipulation, even if it is defensible for cases involving material misrepresentations.
One of the main difficulties in talking and thinking about how to treat claims of market manipulation is the lack of an agreed-upon meaning for "market manipulation." Beyond banning wash sales and matched orders, the relevant statutes do not define the term, and courts have struggled to find a meaningful definition.
The contours of this definition become clearer by examining real-life examples of alleged market manipulation. Below are five cases involving alleged manipulation (107)--three criminal prosecutions examined by Fischel and Ross, (108) and two recent, prominent 10b-5 class actions (109)