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meric (merˑ·ik),

n chiropractic approach that emphasizes the HVLA, or thrust-oriented treatment of the third thoracic vertebra because it is believed to be the main center of subluxation.
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The engineering activities envisaged for implementation are as follows: review and analysis of the current situation and available documentation for the planned activities: a / project of the project "pedestrian bridge over the maritsa river between the" health zone "and park svoboda island, pazardzhik" at the stage: conceptual design; preparation of technical design according to the requirements of ordinance no.
FLOODS IN EDIRNE: Governor of Turkish northwestern province of Edirne where has been experiencing record high flood levels due to overflew of Tundza and Maritsa rivers, stated that this is the century's worst disaster in Edirne.
In January 2016, the Bulgarian police announced that it had saved 118 migrants from drowning in the Maritsa River when they tried to reach the Bulgarian bank from Greece after people smugglers abandoned them.
A unique railway bridge over the Maritsa River was build, over 433m long and around 8m wide, as per the project.
Several families left their homes in the Karaay-ac neighborhood, which is located along Maritsa River, and have sought refuge at Mustafa Necati Elementary School.
It comprises a new 433m-long bridge across the Maritsa River (pictured) at Svilengrad.
Efforts were being concentrated on the completion of the bridge above Maritsa River and the remaining large-scale facilities.
Contract award: "design major renovations of facilities, located in the city of plovdiv in lots: the first lot: design overhaul" underpass at the post office "- hub" tsar boris iii "-" knyaginya maria luisa "-" gladstone ", 2nd lot: design overhaul of the maritsa river bridge in" vasil aprilov "city and overhaul asenovgradski overpass - ii-nd stage.
Choosing a person engaged in consultancy and construction supervision during construction of the project: Reconstruction of the bridge over the Maritsa river in Vasil Aprilov in Plovdiv, conformity assessment of investment projects, surveying, drafting technical passport under Ordinance ?
A Code Red river flood warning has been issued for the Tundzha River in the area of Yambol and Elhovo and a Code Orange alert has been issued for the Maritsa River near Plovdiv, Parvomai, Harmanli, and Svilengrad, and the Sazaliyka River near Galabovo.
2nd lot: design overhaul of the maritsa river bridge in "vasil aprilov", plovdiv and asenovgrad overhaul overpass - ii-nd stage.
The options offered by traffickers include entry into Greece via the Maritsa River, which is becoming less and less popular, entry by sea from Turkeyas west coast to the Greek Aegean islands or straight to Italy, or entry via the Bulgarian-Turkish border.