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meric (merˑ·ik),

n chiropractic approach that emphasizes the HVLA, or thrust-oriented treatment of the third thoracic vertebra because it is believed to be the main center of subluxation.
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In January 2016, the Bulgarian police announced that it had saved 118 migrants from drowning in the Maritsa River when they tried to reach the Bulgarian bank from Greece after people smugglers abandoned them.
Accordingly, the water level in Arda, Maritsa and Tundza rivers increased to record high while several residential areas and agricultural areas along the banks of the rivers hit by floods.
Bulgarian state-owned utility NEK holds the rest of Maritsa East Three.
Ivanov, as cited by the Focus news agency, said that the move paved the way for the entry into force of the new terms of the contracts with the two US-owned TPPs, ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP and AES 3C Maritza East I.
Increasing water level in Bulgarian dams led to releasing waters from the reservoirs which have caused to risen on the water levels in River Maritsa and River Tunca and triggered a havoc across the Turkish eastern province of Edirne where Maritsa flow across.
ON (ETR:EOAN), Austria's EVN (WBAG:EVN) and US AES (NYSE:AES) are among the interested parties for Enel's Maritsa East 3 stake.
The lates pricing decision of energy watchdog KEVR shows that AES Martiza East 1 and ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 sets theire share in Bulgaria's energy system at 20% and 25.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The northwestern city of Edirne has been experiencing record-high flood levels from the Tunca and Maritsa Rivers, causing the Provincial Crisis Center to order the evacuation of certain neighborhoods on Monday.
Austrian utility EVN (WBAG:EVN) is willing to buy the controlling stake of Italian sector player Enel (BIT:ENEL) in Bulgarian thermal power plant Maritsa East Three, Reuters said Thursday citing EVN Bulgaria's regional manager Joerg Sollfelner.
Major organization : TETS MARITSA IZTOK 2 EAD (123531939)