Maritime Disaster

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The death of many when a ship is sunk, sinks or capsizes or is lost in a storm
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"This meeting will contribute and help in crafting a template on techniques, tactics and procedures that will be used to responding to maritime disasters," he said.
The judge said that the crash qualifies as a maritime disaster because a part of the aircraft sank in "navigable waters" and the crash could have affected maritime commerce.
When you've spent pounds 120 million - the most on a film ever - recreating the worst maritime disaster in history, it seems daft to cut corners on the typing.
And there are plans for the siting of a memorial for the SS Samtampa, a maritime disaster in 1947 in which 47 people died.
1 / 4 Saudi Arabia began a training drill for its national natural maritime disaster response plan, search and rescue on Thursday in the waters off Yanbu.
The wreck of the ferry Sewol was lifted upright Thursday, clearing the ground for a further search for the remains of still missing victims and an investigation into the root cause of the maritime disaster.
SERVICES have been held to remember 47 people who died in Wales' worst maritime disaster 70 years ago.
| The proposed design for a permanent memorial in Porthcawl to Wales' worst civilian maritime disaster
CAMPAIGNERS who want to uncover what happened during the sinking of the RMS Lancastria - Britain's worst maritime disaster - are calling on survivors to come forward for a documentary film.
Frequent accidents in recent decades have claimed thousands of lives, including the world's worst peacetime maritime disaster in 1987 when the Dona Paz ferry collided with an oil tanker, leaving more than 4,300 dead.
About 800 died in a single sinking in April, marking the biggest maritime disaster in the Mediterranean since the second world war and prompting European governments to increase search-and-rescue operations.
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