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Georges, French urologist, 1869-1932. See: Marion disease.
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It is to Marion I speak--both with my lips and also with my eyes.
He addresses Miss Marion. There is joy in his voice.
I have uttered a cry of horror, but it is not 'eard because of Miss Marion's cry of joy.
Miss Marion 'as rung the bell and commanded for him to be brought instantly.
That parrot of yours, Marion, had escaped once again from its cage and was 'aving an argument with that cat which Captain Bassett has given to you.'
My troubles are over, and once more I can be gay, debonair, vivacious with Miss Marion, for no longer will there be present the cat Alexander to 'arass me.
In the drawing-room is Miss Marion. She is distressed.
'Who could have played such a wicked trick?' Miss Marion has asked, indignant.
148, Marion. Meets every third Wednesday of the month at the Refuge Visitor Center.
The Swamp Fox: How Francis Marion Saved the American Revolution.
Mayor Marion Barry has died from an apparent overdose.