Marinesco, Georges

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Georges, Romanian neurologist, 1863-1938.
Marinesco-Radovici reflex - Synonym(s): Radovici sign
Marinesco-Sjögren-Garland syndrome - a rare neurologic disorder characterized by cerebellolental degeneration with mental retardation. Synonym(s): cataract-oligophrenia syndrome; Torsten Sjögren syndrome
Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome - development and mental retardation. Synonym(s): Garland-Moorhouse syndrome; hereditary oligophrenic cerebellolental degeneration; oligophrenic cerebellolenticular degeneration; Sjögren syndrome; Torsten syndrome
Marinesco succulent hand - edema of the hand with coldness and lividity of the skin, observed in syringomyelia. Synonym(s): main succulente
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