Georges, Roumanian neurologist, 1863-1938. See: Marinesco succulent hand, Marinesco-Garland syndrome, Marinesco-Sjögren syndrome.
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Marinesco Sjogren, Down's, Patau, Edward and Nance Horan syndromes are considered linked to CC.
In 1933 Marinesco and Trillat have accidentally observed the darkening of photographic plates submitted to ultrasound in water [12].
Last Minute has self-catering apartments at the two-star Marinesco in La Manga, 200 metres from the lagoon, from PS243pp.
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Habia ulceras multiples con signos de cicatrizacion, redondas, de bordes bien definidos en la cara de las piernas, los brazos y la espalda (Figura 1); impersistencia motora oculobucal; disminucion de la respuesta dolorosa en el nervio supraorbital izquierdo; paresia facial izquierda y deltoidea derecha; signo de rueda dentada en los miembros superiores, principalmente distal, y en el miembro inferior izquierdo; laterocolis izquierda, y temblor postural de reposo en el miembro superior izquierdo, entre 8 y 12 Hz; sindrome de Pisa con desviacion del tronco a la derecha; hiperrefl exia tendinomuscular generalizada; clono rotuliano bilateral; reflejo glabelar presente y marinesco bilateral.
A number of studies in our laboratory and elsewhere have demonstrated that this simplified in vitro model system reproduces what is observed during behavioral training if the tail shocks are replaced with brief applications of serotonin (5-HT), a modulatory transmitter normally released by sensitizing stimuli in the intact animal (Glanzman et al., 1989; Mackey et al., 1989; Marinesco and Carew, 2002).
(Note that, whereas sensitization and dishabituation may engage somewhat distinct cellular mechanisms in Aplysia--[see Hochner et al., 1986; Marcus et al., 1988; Rankin and Carew, 1988; Hawkins et al., 1998]--I will use the term sensitization for both forms of learning, except in those instances where I wish to explicitly refer to dishabituation.) Sensitizing stimuli cause the release of the endogenous monoamine serotonin (5-HT) within the CNS of Aplysia (Glanzman et al., 1989; Mackey et al., 1989; Marinesco and Carew, 2002); and 5-HT facilitates the synaptic connections between central sensory and motor neurons (Brunelli et al., 1976).