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McMillan, Mary

(1880-1959), early American physical therapist and a founder of the American Physical Therapy Association. She was educated in England and was employed at the Children's Hospital in Liverpool treating patients with poliomyelitis and spastic paralysis. She returned to America in 1915 and became an influential force in the development of the profession of physical therapy.

Breckinridge, Mary

(1881-1965), the American nurse who founded the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky to improve the obstetric care of women living in remote mountainous areas. The nurses in the service had training in midwifery and reached their patients on horseback and on foot, often encountering personal danger. The service began training midwives and stimulated the establishment of other midwifery schools.


A regionally popular term for marijuana.
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By defending the existence of three different Maries, Lefevre was also seeking to separate Mary of Bethany from the association with prostitution which dominated her popular personality, and thus to purify the cult of the saints.
Ainsi, elle rejette le postulat de l'arret Walsh voulant que la Cour doive respecter la liberte de choix des couples maries et non maries.
The dictionary also has group entries for the Four Maries, Glasgow Girls, and the Scottish Women's Hospitals.
For Penance before his First Communion, he was assigned Notre Peres and Salut Maries.
Elle est parvenue a transmettre aux jeunes maries sa vision sacree du mariage et de la f amille.
Avant 1940, les familles rurales forment un cortege pour accompagner les maries a l'eglise.
West Yorkshire spread producer Matthews Foods has appointed Rik Maries as head of consumer business development.
Also on the stand visitors will be able to see their range of stainless steel doughnut fryers and bain maries.
Maries are among the few people today who are hoping for rain and wet snow.
Maries, Idaho, an overzealous newspaper ran the story of a lady who reported that her small son had been stung by one of the wasps.