Marie ataxia

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Ma·rie a·tax·i·a

obsolete term for a variety of non-Friedreich hereditary ataxias.
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Marie ataxia

Hereditary cerebellar ataxia caused by bilateral cortical atrophy of the cerebellum.
See also: Marie, Pierre
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Pierre, French neurologist, 1853-1940.
Bamberger-Marie disease - Synonym(s): Bamberger-Marie syndrome
Bamberger-Marie syndrome - see under Bamberger, Eugen
Brissaud-Marie syndrome - see under Brissaud
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease - see under Charcot
Debré-Marie syndrome - see under Debré
Foix-Cavany-Marie syndrome - see under Foix
Marie ataxia - obsolete term for a variety of non-Friedreich hereditary ataxias.
Marie-Leri syndrome - swelling of deformed joints.
Marie-Sainton syndrome - excessive head development. Synonym(s): cleidocranial dysplasia; cleidocranial dysostosis
Marie-Strümpell disease - Synonym(s): Strümpell-Marie disease
Marie I syndrome - Synonym(s): Menzel syndrome
Marie II syndrome - endocrine and neurologic disorders.
Nonne-Marie syndrome - Synonym(s): Menzel syndrome
Strümpell-Marie disease - see under Strümpell
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