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"Marie was very gentle to her mother, and nursed her, and did everything for her; but the old woman accepted all her services without a word and never showed her the slightest kindness.
"When the old woman took to her bed finally, the other old women in the village sat with her by turns, as the custom is there; and then Marie was quite driven out of the house.
When the mother died, the village parson was not ashamed to hold Marie up to public derision and shame.
"I told them how unhappy Marie was, and after a while they stopped their abuse of her, and let her go by silently.
Very soon after that they all became fond of Marie, and at the same time they began to develop the greatest affection for myself.
Everyone discovered now that the little ones had taken to being fond of Marie, and their parents were terribly alarmed; but Marie was so happy.
Happily Marie and a follower of hers named Kitty could disguise themselves admirably in men's clothes.
Marie Michon was a very aristocratic person; like her sister the queen, she had been accustomed to pleasing perfumes and fine linen; she resolved, therefore, to seek hospitality of the priest."
Marie Michon, who made the most charming cavalier in the world, pushed open the door, put her head in and asked for hospitality.
Besides, it doesn't concern me; it relates to Mademoiselle Marie Michon."
"Well, then, Marie Michon had supper with her follower, and then, in accordance with the permission given her, she entered the chamber of her host, Kitty meanwhile taking possession of an armchair in the room first entered, where they had taken their supper."
It was very jolly," he murmured lazily, as Marie came in to take away the coffee.