conditional probability

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con·di·tion·al prob·a·bil·i·ty

a probability quoted when the range of choices admitted is restricted, that is, conditional; thus, the probability of the child of a color-blind man inheriting the gene is 1/2 if the child is female and almost 0 if the child is male.
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Out of the 10 explanatory variables, education is the most relevant; the marginal probability that a high school graduate will attend a sporting event is four times that of someone with little schooling, while that of a college graduate is seven times higher.
The marginal probability of evidence nodes of influencing factors on passenger security was calculated (Table 3).
We can get the marginal probability density functions of the total cost and total duration f([C.sub.i]) and f([T.sub.i]), the marginal probability distribution functions F([C.sub.i]) and F([T.sub.i]) and the marginal risk probability distribution functions R([C.sub.i]) and R([T.sub.i]) by substituting data into formulas (1)-(3); all the results are shown in Table 3.
As an example, the marginal probability associated with Shareholder Responsiveness dummy is -0.0076 (untabulated), indicating that over our sample period, firms with the ratings of A or B are 0.76% less likely to face litigation.
Both of them adopt a similar approach to avoiding the computational complexity of computing marginal probability distributions.
The estimated marginal probability coefficients show that on average the probability of using electric filter to purify drinking water among the third and the fourth wealth-quartile (richest) households is respectively 21.1 and 25.8 percentage points higher than the first wealth-quartile (poorest) households.
P(B) is the prior or marginal probability of B (the probability of a particular ethnicity).
The different effects of changes in the human capital variables over the marginal probability distributions of education and competence match point out that these criteria should not be used indistinctly for the analysis of the labor market match.
The authors are interested in the marginal probability estimate for [RECALL.sup.*] and T[V.sup.*] from structural equations.
Assuming only at-fault accidents the key to consistent underwriting profits is marginal probability of the occurrence of the auto accident (risk event), for the underwriter pays nothing if the accident does not occur.
Because the marginal effects of drinking on GPA are complex formulas involving both the coefficient estimates and the nuisance parameters in the ordered probit model, Table 4 shows the changes in the marginal probability of attaining each grade level due to the various drinking measures using the first A specification coefficients.
joint conditional probability density function of p and w given r, g(r) is the non-zero marginal probability density function of r, with m(p,r,w) as defined before.

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