right marginal branch of right coronary artery

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right mar·gi·nal branch of right co·ro·nar·y ar·te·ry

(rīt mahr'ji-năl branch rīt kōr'ŏ-nar-ē ahr'tĕr-ē)
Usually the largest of the ventricular branches of the right coronary artery; courses along the right margin of the heart, and is of sufficient caliber and length to reach the apex.
Synonym(s): ramus marginalis dexter arteriae coronariae dextrae.
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The sinus node branch, right ventricular branches, and acute marginal branch from the RCA could not be clearly identified.
Several approaches to identify the FN have been described in the literature: (1) directly identifying the main trunk of the FN between the posterior belly of the digastric muscle and the anterior wall of external auditory canal, and (2) identifying the mandibular marginal branch of the FN at the lower jaw.
Finally, we did not succeed in punching the aortic wall, because it was abnormally hyperplastic; we decided to change strategy, preparing a composite Y-graft (SV to LITA) for obtuse marginal branch. During the operation it was not possible to achieve our standard target activated clotting time (ACT) for OPCAB (>250 sec), despite high doses of heparin and antithrombin III.
He received a left internal mammary graft (LIMA) to the left anterior descending (LAD) artery, and two SVGs to the major obtuse marginal branch and the posterior descending artery (PDA) branch of the right coronary artery (RCA).
Left main coronary artery stenosis area larger than 50% and left anterior descending branch, left circumflex artery and right coronary artery stenosis area larger than 75% were taken as the evaluation criteria; large branches such as diagonal branch, obtuse marginal branch and right ventricular branch were attributed to left anterior descending branch, left circumflex artery and right coronary artery.
Although it relies on Salafism, which may be described as an extremist and marginal branch of Sunnism, Saudi Arabia markets itself as the leader of the Sunni world.
Caption: Figure 5: Curved multiplanar reformatted images of the left main and left anterior descending (a), left circumflex and terminal obtuse marginal branch (b), and right coronary arteries (c).
Left internal mammary artery - left anterior descending artery; aorta - saphenous vein - obtuse marginal branch vascular anastomosis were performed using external fixator.
Bridges were also found over the right coronary artery (15 hearts), over the right marginal branch (Four) and over PDA (two).
He had CABG surgery three years ago (LIMA to LAD and saphenous vein graft (SVG) to obtuse marginal branch (OM).