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Weir Mitch·ell

(wēr mich'el),
Silas, U.S. neurologist, poet, and novelist, 1829-1914. See: Mitchell treatment, Gerhardt-Mitchell disease, Weir Mitchell treatment.
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(mĭch′əl), Peter Dennis 1920-1992.
British biochemist. He won a 1978 Nobel Prize for contributions to the understanding of biological energy transfer.
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In his letter to Margaret Mitchell, Mr Yousaf wrote: "The cause of death was a brain injury due to cardiac arrest, which occurred dur ing physical restraint.
A copy of "Gone With the Wind" by Margaret Mitchell, signed by producer, director and most of the speaking cast of the 1939 Hollywood film, on October 18, 2007 in Los Angeles (AFP Photo/Gabriel Bouys)
For the archdiocese, that means continuing revenue from sales of books and merchandise and participation in protecting the copyright of Margaret Mitchell's legacy.
It opened with the words: "She had never understood either of the men she loved and so she lost them both." They were words that came straight from Margaret Mitchell's heart, for Gone With the Wind was not a work of fiction, but the thinly disguised story of her own life.
Googling a runner Scarlet O'Hara 3.05 Curragh The main character of Margaret Mitchell's novel and 1939 film Gone with the Wind, Scarlett O'Hara also had a 1970s musical, Scarlett, named after her, as well as a book of the same name in 1991, which was a sequel to Mitchell's original.
But what, really, is left after all this time--73 years after Margaret Mitchell unleashed the world's best-selling novel?
Margaret Mitchell was born in which US city, also the setting for her book, Gone With The Wind?
For Margaret Mitchell, such a trek was not unusual.
Written with the full cooperation of Margaret Mitchell's estate, American Civil War buff McCaig fleshes out Rhett Butler's side of the story, all the way from San Francisco to fiery Scarlett O'Hara.
A second sequel to Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is to be published by St Martin's Press in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the original's Pulitzer Prize win.
There I was, in the basement of the Margaret Mitchell House in Atlanta, enjoying a private tour of the place.
Lavish four-disc set of the award-winning 1939 film based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell. Scarlett O'Hara, (Vivien Leigh), pleads with her one true love, Ashley Wilkes, (Leslie Howard), to marry her instead of his cousin.