Marek, Josef

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Josef, Hungarian veterinarian and pathologist, 1867-1952.
Marek disease - Synonym(s): avian lymphomatosis
Marek disease virus - the herpesvirus that causes avian lymphomatosis. Synonym(s): avian neurolymphomatosis virus
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Our data show that cancer cells resemble the recently identified suppressor T cells and Marek disease infection increases the number of the suppressor T cells in the birds.
Marek Disease Virus: molecular approach to the virus and host immune response
(10,11) Severe leukocytosis in birds is often associated with diseases such as aspergillosis, avian mycobacteriosis, salmonellosis, chlamydiosis, and sepsis, (12) but herpesviruses (ie, Marek disease) and retroviruses (ie, avian leukosis virus, reticuloendotheliosis virus) can specifically cause a lymphocytic leukocytosis in chickens.
Lesions resembling human atheromata developed in pathogen-free chickens infected with Marek disease virus, an avian herpesvirus; immunization with turkey herpesvirus was protective.
Objective: There is a threat that evolutionary responses can render vaccines ineffective, as illustrated by the emergence of the increasingly virulent Marek Disease Virus strains in poultry following vaccination campaigns.