Marek's disease

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Marek’s disease

A highly contagious, viral-induced (caused by Gallid herpesvirus 2) neoplastic process affecting poultry.

Clinical findings
• Classical Marek's disease—causes asymmetric paralysis of one or more limbs and, with vagus nerve involvement, difficulty in breathing or dilation of the crop.
• Acute Marek's disease—an epidemic illness that affects uninfected or unvaccinated flocks, characterised by depression, paralysis and death in a large number of birds (up to 80% mortality).
• Cutaneous Marek’s disease— causes round, firm lesions at the feather follicles.
• Other findings—immunosuppression, atherosclerosis, ocular lymphomatosis.
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Marek's disease (MD), caused by a highly contagious cancer-causing herpesvirus, affects the poultry industry throughout the world.
"It's not just getting the vaccine, the second part of the control of Marek's disease is the sanitation of the coop.
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The miR-147 was induced upon Toll-like receptor stimulation and functioned as a negative regulator of TLR-associated signaling events in murine macrophages and it was up-regulated when chickens were infected with Marek's disease virus [39].
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Marek's disease is caused by a highly contagious herpesvirus that primarily affects young adult chickens.
The diagnostic data supports the finding that Marek's disease is the most commonly diagnosed disease throughout California.
No neural involvement was present, while in Marek's disease neural involvement is a conspicuous feature (Halliwell, 1971).
Protection of chickens against very virulent infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) and Marek's disease virus (MDV) with a recombinant MDV expressing IBDV VP2.
The owners also noted that a few birds might have succumbed to Marek's disease several years previously; however, a definitive diagnosis was never obtained on these suspect cases.
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