Marcus Gunn

Mar·cus Gunn

(mar'kŭs gŭn),
Robert. See: Gunn.
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Robert Marcus, English ophthalmologist, 1850-1909.
Gunn dots - minute, highly glistening, white or yellowish specks usually seen in the posterior part of the fundus.
Gunn phenomenon - an increase in the width of the eyelids during chewing. Synonym(s): Gunn syndrome; jaw-winking syndrome; Marcus Gunn syndrome
Gunn pupil - Synonym(s): Marcus Gunn pupil
Gunn sign - compression of the underlying vein at arteriovenous crossings seen ophthalmoscopically in arteriolar sclerosis. Synonym(s): Marcus Gunn sign
Gunn syndrome - Synonym(s): Gunn phenomenon
Marcus Gunn pupil - relative afferent pupillary defect. Synonym(s): Gunn pupil
Marcus Gunn sign - Synonym(s): Gunn sign
Marcus Gunn syndrome - Synonym(s): Gunn phenomenon
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Degree of ptosis noted were classified into severe in 87 patients (59.6%), moderate in 21 (14.4%)- (Photo no-1) and mild in 38 patients (20.5%).Majority of the congenital ptosis reported were simple type (52.7%), common ocular association found was superior rectus palsy (20.5%), Marcus Gunn jaw winking phenomenon (8.9%) and 7.5% patients had Blepharophimosis syndrome.
Levator disinsertion with frontalis sling surgery were done in 13 patients with Marcus Gunn jaw-winking phenomenon (8.9%).
Marcus Gunn jaw winking phenomenon (Photo no-2) noted in 13 patients (8.9%) which was lower than in Beard study.
Levator disinsertion followed by frontalis sling was performed in 13 patients with Marcus Gunn jaw winking phenomenon.
Superior rectus weakness, Blepharophimosis syndrome and Marcus Gunn jaw winking phenomenon were the major ocular anomalies associations.
A novel KIF21A mutation in a patient with congenital fibrosis of the extraocular muscles and Marcus Gunn jaw-winking phenomenon.
Scott Darling was named as the head of oil and gas sector research, while Marcus Gunn was named as head of product management in the Asia ex-Japan equity research team.
SENIOR POST Liz McLoughlin.; TAX DIRECTOR Carol Chleboun.; ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Ruth Barber and Tim Allison.; SALES EXPERIENCE Marcus Gunn, left, and Alan Preston.