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Vittorio, Italian physician, 1851-1908. See: Marchi fixative, Marchi reaction, Marchi stain, Marchi tract.
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Marco Bitran is one of such individuals that have taken sailing as a hobby.
Marco serves industrial contractors by offering a comprehensive line of abrasives, blasting equipment, coating equipment, engineered systems, rental equipment, and safety products.
Additionally, if the issuance of shares under the option would result in the optionors jointly holding more than 20% of San Marco's outstanding shares, such shares cannot be issued until the change of control resulting therefrom has been approved by San Marco's shareholders.
Marco walks well on the lead and happily shares his kennel with a female greyhound.
The hotel's international buffet restaurant, Cafe Marco, is offering 2+2 Buffet Lunch vouchers and 2+2 Buffet Dinner voucher.
When Marco woke up from a nightmare, his mom did not say, "It's okay, baby," the way many Italian mothers would.
This year, Marco and his family visited Dennis in prison on Dec.
Marco was brave enough to admit things got a bit strained with Elmo Magalona after the photos came out.
Adam, 50, said: "To sign a deal with someone of Marco's calibre is just fantastic.
The expansion into Idaho is part of Marco's blitz into the western states, where the brand is still not widely known.