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Vittorio, Italian physician, 1851-1908. See: Marchi fixative, Marchi reaction, Marchi stain, Marchi tract.
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These huanghuali square-back and string-seated folding chairs were among the wide range of works of art acquired by the Marchese Taliani de Marchio during his service as Italian ambassador to China in 1938-46 (with time out in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp with his archduchess wife after refusing to acknowledge Mussolini's government).
Righi L, Sapino A, Marchio C, Papotti M, Bussolati G.
She's married to Renato Marchio, 42, and the couple live in Surrey with their two sons Ethan, six and Logan, four.
diede avvio a una stupefacente serie di spettacoli, ecletticamente scelti, ma col suo clamoroso marchio personale contribui a sommuovere la stagnante atmosfera del nostro teatro" (Ferrieri, 1955: 129).
I ricordi familiari sono i primi a configurare una "memoria rivestita di parole": la spinta a confrontarsi razionalmente con le materie scientifiche di studio e di analisi rimarra sempre con un marchio intimamente familiare:
The patrician in whose home she and her husband were servants, the Immortale Marchio Michiel, came to the Maggior Consiglio to request a safe conduct for a banished peasant to allow him to identify the culprits, also peasants, to Venetian magistrates.
By integrating state-of-the-art features in a cost-effective single-chip solution, our Accordo 5 family now enables car makers to deliver such benefits to more customers in more markets than ever before, said Fabio Marchio, Automotive Digital Division General Manager, Automotive & Discrete Group Vice President, STMicroelectronics.
Following its European successes in Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey and of course Italy, 'Branding Evolution' will soon arrive in Qatar, a stage considered"essential and fundamental" by its curators and owners Museo del Marchio Italiano, Maurizio di Somma and Raffaele Fontanella.
Branding Evolution, which made a mark in Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey and Italy, is a platform considered as "essential and fundamental" by its curators and owners Museo del Marchio Italiano, Maurizio di Somma and Raffaele Fontanella.
April 26, 2016: Vincent Binotto, Connor Blancato, Grace Buckley, Cassandra Clark, Luca Dragani, Brian Dugan, Daniel Gates, Matthew Genovese, Kamala Harrilal, Caitlin Huie, Megan Ingraham, Michael Intrabartola, Tyler Joyner, James Kelly, Andrew Lucibella, Meghan Lynch, Patrick Makles, Anna Marchio, Caroline McDonough, Kelly Mueller, Alexander Muench, Briona Phillips, Andrea Salazar, Katherine Seifert, Kilian Switzer, Caroline Trainer, Margaret Vesper, Eric Volpe, Mark Welch, Megan Wilson.
To accompany our meals we accompany our meals we T enjoyed a large glass of trebbiano marchio (PS5.
Kirsty, who is married to Renato Marchio, 39, and gave birth to second son Logan in May last year, said: "My husband says Ethan is very like me, a nice mix of stroppy, passionate and loving.