Marching Powder

A regionally popular term for cocaine; often also Colombian or Bolivian marching powder
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Okay, so I wasn't really expecting Gordon to be off his nut on Colombian marching powder.
It's one of several storylines Snowfall weaves together - along with that of washed-out wrestler Gustavo, persuaded into signing up as a hired heavy for a Mexican cartel, and the tale of a rogue CIA agent Teddy McDonald, who winds up embroiled in a mob plot to flood the projects with Peruvian marching powder.
Ozzy said: "When we discovered that f***g marching powder it was the beginning of the end.
Colombian marching powder, which is funny since she talks so fast anyway.
The critics cited a few cliches and a persistent tameness: "This book seems to have been composed not on Bolivian marching powder but on chamomile tea," noted the New York Times.
The future looked a little bleak for the one-time Wimbledon semi-finalist until it transpired that rather than having been a knowing substance abuser, he was, in fact, merely the victim of the inappropriate advances of a woman called Pamela in a Florida nightclub, who had kissed him so often and so vigorously that she had contaminated the poor lamb with a positive dose of the old Colombian marching powder.
Those forced by circumstance to take a Saturday evening train into Liverpool will see the collateral damage already taken on the young Dawn of the Dead "fun" crowd after hours of glugging cheap carry-out WKDs and Wife Beater in the living room and bedrooms beforehand (with maybe some Colombian marching powder - that's now cheaper than a pint - snorted up as a chaser in between).
But had George been caught snorting Colombian marching powder, had Winston favoured a spliff instead of a cigar - yep, you guessed it.
OF the three men arrested at Newmarket on 2,000 Guineas day and due in court next month on charges of assault and intent to resist arrest one was also charged with possession of Bob Marley's favourite tobacco and another with having the old Colombian marching powder.
Dr Beck said: "He was reading about the great train robbers, the Krays and Marching Powder, a book about drug dealing in Colombia.
Not every Premiership footballer's idea of a good night out is to swig Cristal Champagne while snorting the Colombian marching powder through a pounds 20 note before making some unsuspecting woman's life hell later on.
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