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Felix J., German pathologist, 1846-1928. See: Marchand adrenals, Marchand rest, Marchand wandering cell.
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replied the poet, bridling a little; "that is, to say, there are two of us; Jehan Marchand, who has sawed the planks and erected the framework of the theatre and the woodwork; and I, who have made the piece.
le Prevot des Marchands to assemble the municipal guard and to march upon the Bastile on the king's immediate service.
L'entraineur francais Bertrand Marchand est attendu ce mercredi a Sfax pour discuter avec les dirigeants du CS Sfaxien de la possibilite de prendre les renes techniques de l'equipe seniors, en remplacement du Portugais Da Motta.
At a time when his people were so restricted by the Indian Act they were barely surviving, Len Marchand began his rise to the highest ranks of power in this country.
SGD Perfumery--now an independent company--has announced the promotion of Thomas Riou as CEO and Helene Marchand as general manager in France.
Penalties -- Marchand, Bos (roughing), 2:07; Johnson, TB (roughing), 2:07; Stralman, TB (tripping), 3:35; Marchand, Bos, major (fighting), 10:05; Stamkos, TB, major (fighting), 10:05.
On 27 December 2012, the Office of Compliance granted summary judgment in the case of Marchand v.
Many residential schools were built from brick so artist Dawn Marie Marchand has invited survivors, their descendants and their spouses to draw their stories in the form of a three inch by nine inch piece of brown paper.
Marchand, a retired fire-fighter and logger, also holds the record for someone over the age of 100 riding 62 miles.
A retired firefighter and logger, Robert Marchand also holds the record for someone over the age of 100 riding 62 miles, which he did in four hours, 17 minutes and 27 seconds in 2012.
Jan and Chuck Marchand of Eugene will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with a family celebration and a trip to Hawaii.
In such balanced circuits, the Marchand baluns have been widely used in single and differential signal transition for their ease of implementation and steady performance [5-7].