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Gregorio, Spanish endocrinologist, 1887-1960. See: Marañón sign.
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Maranon is once again expected to produce the goals for Ceres with Mike Ott and Stephan Schrock looking to provide scoring opportunities and goalkeeper Toni Doblas behind the sticks.
Ott also danced past three defenders before picking out Maranon for the second goal.
We are doing everything good in the last few years,' Man of the Match Maranon told the Ceres Negros web site.
Prior to joining Maranon, Charlene was an auditor with RSM US LLP and Auditor General South Africa.
El 12 de septiembre del ano pasado la Fundacion Jose Ortega y Gasset-Gregorio Maranon (FOM) formalizo el arribo de Juan Miguel Villar Mir, principal accionista de la firma OHL, como presidente de su patronato, lo que causo controversias en la agrupacion.
Nikolai de Asis, Allen del Erio, Jericho Espinosa, Lester Gelantagaan, Charles Lacson, Alfredo Miguel Maranon, Japhet Rhem Mermida, Karl Vincent Pablea, Aldrich Justine Placido, Rohderick Rodriquez, Rohd Patrick Rodriguez, Rey Vincent William Sason, Ric Sumbi, Amado Tajanlangit, III, Memrod Terfel Ubamos.
Maranon also co-invested in the equity alongside Grey Mountain and management.
2) Department of Experimental Medicine and Surgery, Gregorio Maranon University General Hospital, 28007 Madrid, Spain
But the Maranon River in northeastern Peru has turned from lifeblood to cesspool, picking up sewage, garbage, mine waste, and oil as it snakes down from the Andes to join the Ucayali River and form the mighty Amazon.
The latest medical report, which Madrid published on their official website on Sunday, read: "The patient, Alfredo Di Stefano, 88 years old, admitted to the coronary care unit, remains in the Cardiology Department at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest.
Real said Di Stefano died at the Gregorio Maranon at 1515 GMT on Monday.
e medical report, which Madrid published on their o"cial website, said: "e patient is currently in the coronary unit at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital.