Manuka Honey

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A medicinal grade honey applied topically to treat decubitus ulcers or prepare wound beds for skin grafts
Application When compared to standard hydrogel therapy, venous leg ulcers dressed with manuka honey have less slough, better healing and a lower incidence of infection
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Previously the power of manuka honey has been rated by the nectar producers as Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).
3 THURSDAY Plantation Tea Tree Manuka Honey Balm A multitasking balm made from tea tree oil and manuka honey, known for natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
"That was my first experience of Manuka Honey and since that first time of using it, I haven't looked back" says "In my experience, And for a Agnew.
Wiseguyreports.Com adds "Manuka Honey Market -Market Demand, Growth, Opportunities, Analysis of Top Key Players and Forecast to 2025" To Its Research Database.
True Manuka Honey product launch was organised in the head office conference hall in the presence of Ramesh Rajpara (Wholesale Division manager), K G Ramani (HoD-Commercial Sales), Paresh Sheth (brand manager), Pradeep Shetty (sales manager), Godwin Joseph (marketing manager), Clifford D'sa (key accounts manager), Sujith Kumar (territory sales manager) and Muthu Raman (supervisor) with pharma and commercial sales team.
3 Grahams C+ Eczema and Dermatitis Cream CONTAINING propolis and manuka honey, this natural, fragrancefree cream soothes itching, calms inflammation and restores moisture to skin.
Vitamin C + Manuka Honey supports healthy immune function and antioxidant activity.
Launching with four main products, the Manuka Honey Collection, Night Renewal, Hand and Nail Reconstructor and Flash Firm Eye Gel, co-founder Kimberley Bray says early responses have been positive.
The Pasadena shelter was the first in the nation to receive a donation of EcoBath Manuka Honey grooming products, delivered - fittingly - by one of the company's "HoneyMobiles," staffed by Cardinal Pet Care Director of Marketing Tom Wien and Marketing & Promotions Manager Kerissa Kelly-Slatten.
Research in 2004 suggested that high-grade manuka honey could have a potential role in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontal disease.