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Monitoring & Actualization of Noetic TRAining. A feasibility study which assessed the effect of noetic therapies—stress relaxation, imagery, touch therapy, and prayer—as adjuncts to percutaneous intervention during unstable coronary syndromes
Conclusions Of the noetic therapies, off-site intercessory prayer had the lowest short- and long-term absolute complication rates

(2) Mantra

A word/phrase used in yoga, meditation, and autosuggestive therapy, to facilitate mental immobilisation
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A word, phrase, or sound repeated to oneself to focus the mind or reduce stray thoughts during meditation.
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"It is indeed a great experience chanting the Navkar mantra along with so many people.
In addition to the online mantra maker, the campaign will feature inspirational videos of Laurie--on and off the beam --created to give people a peek inside what motivates her.
Finally, mantras are Truth Thoughts that have remained hidden to us through our perennial negative thinking.
Here are 10 reasons chanting the Gayatri Mantra is good for your health.
The key word in the 'noises' is the word "again", which is explicit in the Donald Trump mantra, 'America Great Again', and implicit (or explicit in the UKIP campaign of 2017) in the notion of Great Britain re-gaining her greatness; that is, both instances, these nations becoming great again.
This is an important article in providing an overview of tantric ritual features such as mantra and the shared ritual technology reflected in the early texts.
Vashikaran mantra has thI[acute accent] uncanny power tI" make an enemy OaI"ur friend and fall fI"r you.
WITH SHAKTI SUTRA Indian-American vocalist Sheela Bringi and longtime collaborator Clinton Patterson have created a sweet mantra album that is steady and sophisticated.
Bormann and colleagues (2006, 2009) studied the practice of spiritual meditation through the use of spiritually based mantras in subjects with human immunodeficiency virus.
Accompanying the CD is an elaborately designed booklet, which resembles a children's book--except it is full of mantras and prayers for inner peace, concentration, intuition and energy.