Mantoux, Charles

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Charles, French physician, 1877-1947.
Mantoux method
Mantoux pit - shallow depressions of the palms and soles in basal cell nevus syndrome.
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Developed by Charles Mantoux at the beginning of 20th century, the Mantoux method has long been the most common technique used to deliver injections into the intradermal realm.
Use of a needle and syringe requires no specialized equipment, but training in the Mantoux method can be difficult.
According to the company, the ID adapter will complement its portfolio of prefilled syringe offerings and technologies, conserve the supply of high-value vaccines, provide patients significant benefit through more reliable injection and will provide an alternative to the Mantoux method, the industry standard for intradermal injection since 1907.
He also noted that some new methods of vaccine delivery into or onto the skin--but not patches--share one advantage of the traditional Mantoux method, now used for tuberculosis skin testing and BCG vaccine: the use of existing off-the-shelf vaccines.
1 mL (5 tuberculin units [TU]) of Tubersol[R] (Connaught Laboratories, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada) using the Mantoux method (4) immediately after the blood samples for the QFT-G were drawn by the phlebotomists.
4% of districts required a purified protein derivative (PPD) skin test be done by the Mantoux method, 14.
For the TST, 10 U of purified protein derivative (Chiron Vaccines Evans, Liverpool, UK), equivalent to 5 IU tuberculin were injected by using the Mantoux method (available from http://www.
The Mantoux method requires extensive training and experience to perform correctly and consistently, whereas the ID Adapter enables this process to be carried out more easily, with less training and with greater reliability, according to the company.
We used the Mantoux method of tuberculin skin testing (6) and defined a positive result as induration of > 10 mm.
Anergy or DTH tests placed by using the Mantoux method of intradermal injection have conventionally been classified as positive if an induration measuring [is greater than or equal to]5 mm is observed at the injection site within 48-72 hours.
The ID Adapter provides an alternative to the Mantoux method, the industry standard for intradermal injection since 1907 that requires inserting the needle into the skin at a very shallow angle.
HSCT units should also consider administering a tuberculin skin test (TST) by the Mantoux method with 5 tuberculin units of purified protein derivative (PPD) [CIII]; however, the TST may not be reliable in immunocompromised patients.