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Charles, French physician, 1877-1947. See: Mantoux pit, Mantoux test.

Mantoux or PPD test

Other names for a tuberculin skin test. PPD stands for purified protein derivative.
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10,11) Most reported MAC-infected patients had a positive Mantoux test and persistent pyuria.
However, since the pathological analysis revealed no acid fast bacilli a Mantoux assay was requested in addition to bronchoalveolar lavage in order to confirm the TB suspicion.
Developed by Charles Mantoux at the beginning of 20th century, the Mantoux method has long been the most common technique used to deliver injections into the intradermal realm.
Mantoux test demonstrated an induration of 28 mm at the end of 72 hours (N < 10 mm).
Use of a needle and syringe requires no specialized equipment, but training in the Mantoux method can be difficult.
Additionally, the company said that the Mantoux method is accomplished by inserting the needle into the skin at a very shallow angle.
Mantoux test of the patient showed positively reactivity with a 18 mm indurations after 48 hours.
He also noted that some new methods of vaccine delivery into or onto the skin--but not patches--share one advantage of the traditional Mantoux method, now used for tuberculosis skin testing and BCG vaccine: the use of existing off-the-shelf vaccines.
Mantoux test was done, which was negative and thus tuberculosis was ruled out.
IPT may be given to children already on ART, especially if they are Mantoux positive and have no TB symptoms.
Detecting immune responses to it would distinguish BCG-vaccinated people from TB-infected people, which the currently-used tuberculin skin prick test (the Mantoux test) is unable to do.
Routine biochemical and hematological investigations, Mantoux test and chest X-rays were done for all patients.