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Nathan, 20th-century U.S. biostatistician. See: Mantel-Haenszel test.
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Some more potent upheaval had cloven a great slice from the marble mantel. Each plank in the floor owned its particular cant and shriek as from a separate and individual agony.
And then he traversed the room like a hound on the scent, skimming the walls, considering the corners of the bulging matting on his hands and knees, rummaging mantel and tables, the curtains and hangngs, the drunken cabinet in the corner, for a visible sign, unable to perceive that she was there beside, around, against, within, above him, clinging to him, wooing him, calling him so poignantly through the finer senses that even his grosser ones became cognisant of the call.
Of course that is all that is expected of us when we are on mantels and cabinets and drawing-room tables, but our lives are much pleasanter here in our own country."
One of the candles on the mantel was blown out, and the little machine suddenly swung round, became indistinct, was seen as a ghost for a second perhaps, as an eddy of faintly glittering brass and ivory; and it was gone--vanished!
Then, getting up, he went to the tobacco jar on the mantel, and with his back to us began to fill his pipe.
The shot missed, and before the man could fire again Tarzan had swept the lamp from the mantel and plunged the room into darkness.
QI HAVE installed a stone mantel above my inglenook fireplace and now the Yorkshire sandstone looks a bit dirty.
Scholars of contemporary literature look at the work of Mantel, who came to widespread attention only when her 10th novel Wolf Hall, won the 2009 Man Booker Prize.
Decorate your home with a sophisticated yet fun mantel scarf featuring Santa Claus and his rejindeer.
Barnes & Noble (BKS) announced that Timothy Mantel has been named chief merchandising officer.
"It is a thicker, larger roping that lays beautiful on a mantel and lasts a long time," he says.