Mann-Whitney test

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Mann-Whitney test

A statistical test of the probability that two independent sets of observations come from the same population. The Mann-Whitney test is independent of distribution and can be used when the t test is inappropriate.
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Henry Berthold, U.S. mathematician, 1905–.
Mann-Whitney test - rank sum test.


Donald Ransom, U.S. statistician, 1915–.
Mann-Whitney test - see under Mann, Henry Berthold
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Comparison of toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) between subgroups in epilepsy patients using the Mann-Whitney test. A, Disease status; B, disease course; C, seizure duration; D, seizure frequency.
There were no differences between the groups when considering the values of fertilization rate (G1 group: 58.33 [+ or -] 22.18%, G2 group: 84.85 [+ or -] 3.60%; P = 0.0853, Mann-Whitney test; Table 3) and larvae survival rate (G1 group: 22.00 [+ or -] 22.00%, G2 group: 38.75 [+ or -] 6.97%; P = 0.2461, Mann-Whitney test; Table 3).
Examination Time (1) Time AI WI p Cecal intubations time (minutes) 8 5 <0.001 (***) Total procedure time (minutes) 15 15 0.34 (***) (1***) Mann-Whitney Test
For both sealers, DMSO had the lowest mean microleakage values, which were also statistically significantly lower than with CHX irrigation within sealers (p<0.009 for Topseal and p=0.04 for RealSeal SE; Mann-Whitney test).
To test this hypothesis the Mann-Whitney Test were applied that results p-values of both NPRS and RMDQ scores, less than 0.05 which was significant and hence enough to reject null hypothesis and accept alternative hypothesis that posterior-anterior vertebral mobilization is more effective as compare to thermotherapy in the management of NSLBP.
The Mann-Whitney test result showed that Puerto Rican female participants differ significantly in the overall HRQOL, PWB and EWB from male patients.
Results were compared with Mann-Whitney test. Before the prosthodontic treatment, there were no statistically significant differences in pain intensity between group I and group II (p = 0.136) (Figure 14).
When Scenario 2 was compared with Scenarios 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 of the first shift, the Mann-Whitney test resulted in a p-value that was less than 0.05 for all cases, i.e., the hypothesis of samples being equal was rejected.
The results of the Mann-Whitney test reported in Table 4 confirm that the operational risk disclosure has insignificant differences between conventional and Islamic banks.
Therefore, using the Mann-Whitney test is applicable when comparing student performance for teaching methods.
Therefore, the Mann-Whitney test was used to determine if the male and female measurements were significantly different ([alpha] = 0.05).
Mann-Whitney test conducted to study awareness differences among genders and major two occupation groups as the data were not normally distributed.