Mann-Bollman fistula

Mann-Boll·man fis·tu·la

(man bōl'măn),
a fistula used in experimental investigations; a loop of ileum is isolated, the distal (aboral) end is anastomosed laterally to the duodenum or the small intestine, and the open proximal (oral) end is sutured to the abdominal wall; peristaltic waves travel from oral to aboral end, with leakage to the exterior thus reduced to a minimum.
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Jesse L., U.S. physiologist, 1896–.
Mann-Bollman fistula - see under Mann, Frank C


Frank C., U.S. surgeon, 1887-1962.
Mann-Bollman fistula - used in experimental investigations of the digestive tract.
Mann-Williamson operation - an operation performed on experimental animals in research on peptic ulcer.
Mann-Williamson ulcer - the ulcer that develops in the jejunum after the Mann-Williamson operation.
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