Man Made Disaster

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A disaster attributed in part or entirely to human intent, error, negligence, or involving a failure of a man-made system, resulting in significant injuries or deaths
Examples 9/11, Columbine High School massacre, Exxon Valdez, NASA’s Challenger, Columbia, Chernobyl
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Although, it is not a natural disaster for Pakistan that the dollar drone has devastated the septuagenarian life of Pakistani rupee and economy, as the dollar cross 151 rupees in the open market and about 149 rupees at the interbank level; of course it is manmade disaster culminating into economic, socio-political disaster affecting all the segments of the society drastically.
I don't blame the government for flooding, but the potholes in the asphalt are a manmade disaster."
That's why public preventatives should stand by the people during any natural or manmade disaster,' he said while addressing the inaugural session of a day-long workshop at Red Crescent Borak Tower in the capital.
In this sense, this tragic fire has many reasons to be called a manmade disaster.
According to the report prepared by the NNWE experts on Nuclear and Radiation Safety in Ukraine for 2016, Ukraine is currently standing one step away from another massive manmade disaster.
Whether it is through a natural or manmade disaster or terrorist attack; the proper functioning of a nations critical infrastructure is vital to the interests of any society.
"It's a manmade disaster where we are killing our young children on the roads by not providing them with safe places to play, safe places to walk, or cycle to school," Etienne Krug of WHO said in an interview with UN Radio.
"This is a manmade disaster and it's only the strong will and commitment of the people that can bring war to an end," said Takeshi.
From their last disgustingly anti-Semitic depiction, we can understand that only a few people who run the mine will be held responsible for the incident and no one will look to what the government's responsibility was in this manmade disaster.
The recently-released report on the Fukushima incident from the National Diet of Japan contained wide-spread criticism of much of the country's nuclear industry - with the report authors stating that the incident was "profoundly a manmade disaster" due to a plethora of safety and security issues being ignored.
In the event of a natural or manmade disaster affecting the Department's domestic facilities, the Office of Emergency Management's (OEM) Emergency Management Center (EMC) stands ready.
It will be more appreciated if he could go much further and get his fellow Liberal Democrat, Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, to withdraw his crass assertion, made at the recent annual conference of the renewable energy industry: "Yes, climate change is a manmade disaster."