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Symbol for mannose; mannosyl.
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n. pl. men (mĕn)
1. An adult male human.
2. A human regardless of sex or age; a person.
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The official abbreviation for mannose.
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Vox populi A male human. See Hole-in-the-stomach man, Ice man, Marlboro Man, Reference man, Renaissance man, Visible Man.
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Patient discussion about man

Q. I am a man with breast cancer. Hello friends, you might have heard about breast cancer in women but here I am a man with breast cancer. Is Herceptin licensed to treat me?

A. Hi, what were your symptoms and when did you discover you had breast cancer?

Q. what are the basics products we as a humans, need to have in our diet?

A. A regular healthy diet should be comprised of a 40-50% carbohydrate (bread, rice, etc.), 30-40% protein (dairy, meat, chicken, fish) and 20% fat. Other important ingredients are fruit and vegetables, that contain large amounts of fibers and vitamins.

Q. Is there a difference between a man's diet and a woman's diet? let say for the point of it the weight the same and they are in the same age .

A. no one should have the same exact diet, you need to find what works for you and helps you achieve your goals.

the base of the diet could be the same, for example burn calories then you consume. But other wise, find what works for you.

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Perhaps the saddest landmark is an art-nouveau witches' fountain in the middle of the Royal Mile, which commemorates the 300 women--mostly widows, spinsters, and the suspiciously manless, some presumably lesbians--who were burned on the site.
(19) The Shadow of Night was evidently not read for OED, but among the poem's handful of new words are the following, with the source of OED's first citation, for the required sense, noted in brackets: Daphnean [Chapman's Sir Giles Goosecap (1606)]; disparent [Chapman's Iliad (1611)]; expansure [Chapman's portion of Hero and Leander (1606), other citations from Chapman's Sir Giles Goosecap and Iliad]; manless (meaning "inhuman") [Chapman's Iliad]; repulsive [Chapman's Iliad]; windy-footed [windy 9.
DANI BEHR; The presenter scored with Ryan Giggs first -then went on to net a hat-trick of top names; f11giggs; DAVINIA TAYLOR; Ms Taylor, above, was desperate to win the fame game, just like BB3 winner Kate Lawler, below; ULRIKA JONSSON; The Swedish star paid a sore price for dating Stan Collymore -but it seems it was worth it as her career soared; JENNIFER ELLISON; Former Brookie babe Jen attempted to raise her profile with Steven Gerrard, but he was soon relegated to the subs bench; A HIT: The Redknapps; FOUL PLAY: Jordan's fling with Dwight Yorke left her pregnant, but manless; REAL DEAL: Posh and Becks
Sanderson's sexually antagonistic relationship with nurse Ruth (Erica Shaffer) grows more involving, and Wilson (a forceful James Van Patten), the man responsible for capturing and incarcerating Veta, develops an unexpectedly engaging chemistry with manless Myrtle.
Then she wouldn't be middle-aged, manless and still hankering after Amber's unreliable brother.
In Mothers Through the Eyes of Women Writers, daughters introduce us to eccentric women (Francine Du Plessix Gray), working mothers (Natalie Angier), guiding lights (Yu-Lan Ying), difficult mothers, "almost too large to live with" (Naomi Foner), Marxists (Nancy Kline), Victorian yet hard-working ladies (Anne Bernays), manless women (Joyce Johnson) and man-loving ones (Delia Ephron)...
The result was his unique invention which he also called the "Automatically Controlled Manless Aeroplane."
Already jobless and topless - now Fiz could be manless as well.
Tonight Ceri finds herself jobless and manless, but with typical va va voom, gets out there and manages to flirt her way into employment with mobile phone maestro Robbie Owen (played by Alun Raglan).
The CaZoom PTZ-IV provides high resolution video images of tanks, vessels, nuclear fuel pools, large diameter piping, and other large enclosures where manless entry is desired.
That was one reason I thought Mary Daly should have invited students to her house for all-female discussions if she wanted a manless milieu.