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Relating to or characterized by mania. See: amok.
Synonym(s): manic
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Psychiatry Relating to or affected by mania.
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(1) Referring to an elevated mood.
(2) Referring to a manic episode.
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Relating to or characterized by mania.
Synonym(s): manic.
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Patient discussion about manic

Q. could my child have manic depression? My 15 year old girl has been too upset about her weight but I see her at different times with too different moods. sometimes it looks like she's very depressed and sometimes she's happy but too happy- like unreal happiness. can it be bipolar? I'm really afraid

A. yea actually there's my sister who is closer to her age and they're pretty attached but my girl can get pissed on anyone right now- wouldnt want to burn this connection as well so I have to be carefull.
what would you suggest her to do?

Q. One of my friend`s son in the manic episode. I have seen people in manic episode to be happy. What could be the reason for their happiness. One of my friend`s son in the manic episode, is generally seen with high euphoria, but often he gets in to different episodes, where he seems to be happy but at the same time aggressive, which is a symptom of depression. Please clarify?

A. Yes Waylon, all bipolar in manic episode are happy for no reasons. All Bipolar with depressions are depressed continuously with aggression and agitation. These two episodes of bipolars are at different poles, but a bipolar with mixed episodes is also found among some. Your friend’s son may also be in the mixed episode where bipolars have mania and depression as well at the same time.

Q. what is this and how it differs during episodes of mania and depression? I have heard of psychotic symptoms, what is this and how it differs during episodes of mania and depression?

A. I believe that psychosis is more common among people who have Bipolar 1. Psychosis develops in manias as Johnson said above, the person believes themselves to be someone, something they are not. They can believe themselves to be rich or invincable. I knew a gentleman once that was arrested at a car dealership because he believed that he had all the money in the world and was insisting that the dealership give him a Dodge Viper and refused to leave the showroom. When the day before he had spent both his and his partners entire paychecks on a bike (leaving no money for bills etc...) Sometime during that day he left the bike lying arund on the street somewhere because he said he had plenty of money and would just go and get another one.
In a depressive state psychosis can manifest in other ways such as believeing in all kinds of conspiracy theories, believing the world is ending... etc...
Essentially the difference between psychosis in mania and depression is that in mania the per

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