manic depressive

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manic depressive

manic depressive

adjective Referring to bipolar disorder; bipolar.

Patient discussion about manic depressive

Q. Why is there bipolar disorder?

A. Why is there Cancer? Why is there all kinds of illnesses. Some spiritual people may say that it is a test of your spirit. But why is often a victom frame of mind. Why me? Why my loved one? The trouth is there is no answer to the question, there are only solutions. The solution to bipolar disorder are diagnosis and treatments.

Q. is Bipolar genetic?

A. Bipolar disorder has a very strong genetic background: The approximate lifetime risk of this disease in relatives of a bipolar patient is 40 to 70 percent for a monozygotic (identical) twin and 5 to 10 percent for a first degree relative, compared with 0.5 to 1.5 percent for an unrelated person.

Q. why do you call Bipolar ... Bipolar? i mean what does it mean?

A. Bipolar disorder is called this way because it is charecterized by two types of obvious mood disorders- depression on the one side, and mania, or hypomania (a manic state, or 'high'), on the other side.

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This organization is a chapter of the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association.
A number of factors contributed to the poorest outcomes in the manic depressive group, they say.
The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive: 10 Years On BBC Two, 9pm In 2006, Stephen Fry presented the award-winning documentary The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive and started a national conversation about mental health.
Bipolar I disorder, which is also known as manic depressive disorder, is a long-term condition that causes disability and is characterised by alternations between two poles of extreme moods - mania (including symptoms such as episodes of elevated moods, extreme irritability, decreased sleep and increased energy) and depression (which may include overwhelming feelings of sadness and suicidal thoughts), or a combination of both.
The star has also made a documentary, The Secret Life Of A Manic Depressive, to be shown on BBC2.
Portraying life in the West End of Newcastle it featured a frog juggling manic depressive, a cancer sufferer being consoled by a transexual clairvoyant and three girls trying to get into showbusiness whose combined IQ wouldn't get them a job in a paper shop
The kidney failure is the latest in a series of health problems to afflict the veteran comedian, a manic depressive who has suffered a dozen mental breakdowns.
Many people receiving treatment also benefit from joining mutual support groups such as those sponsored by the National Depressive and Manic Depressive Association (NDMDA), the National Alliance for Mentally Ill (NAMI), and the National Mental Health Association.
I HEAR that Pop Idol Michelle McManus has been scotching rumours that she is a manic depressive, crumbling under the pressure of fame.