torus mandibularis

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 [tor´us] (L.)
a swelling or bulging projection.
torus mandibula´ris a prominence sometimes seen on the lingual aspect of the mandible at the base of its alveolar part.
torus palati´nus a bony protuberance sometimes found on the hard palate at the junction of the intermaxillary suture and the transverse palatine suture.
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man·dib·u·lar to·rus

, torus mandibularis
an exostosis protruding from the lingual aspect of the mandible, usually opposite the premolar teeth.
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to·rus man·di·bu·lar·is

(tōr'ŭs man-dib'yū-lā'ris)
A bony protuberance on the lingual aspect of the lower jaw in the canine-premolar region.
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to·rus man·di·bu·lar·is

(tōrŭs man-dibyū-lāris)
Bony protuberance on lingual aspect of lower jaw in canine-premolar region.
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The results showed that maxillary tori were present in 7.6% of patients and mandibular tori were present in 0.3%.
Casts of the patients whose treatment was initiated at the department were acquired with permission, to measure the size and exact location of the maxillary and mandibular tori. Whereas, informed consent was obtained from patients whose treatment could not be initiated for any reason at the time of examination.
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Tools exist to help in caring for patients with the most common complications, such as a gag reflex, a high or narrow palate, mandibular tori, and missing teeth.
In the mandible, residual alveolar ridge height and width, arch form, arch size, border tissue attachment levels, alveolar mucosa, lateral throat form and mandibular tori were noted.
These include mandibular tori (if present), the floor of the mouth, palatal tori (if present), the palatal midline, the lingual boundaries of the mandibular gingiva and the palatal boundaries of the maxillary dentition.
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The assistant typically aims to have the patient's incisal edges bite dose to the anterior edge of the film holder, since this will allow the plane containing the film to be placed as far posteriorly as possible, which tends to put it out of contact with the lingual aspect of the mandibular arch or mandibular tori. If the film cannot be placed fully parallel to the teeth, the assistant should try to angle the tube of the x-ray to accommodate for this and to minimize distortion from foreshortening or elongation in the resultant x-ray image.
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