Mandelin reagent

Man·de·lin re·a·gent

(man'dĕ-lin rē-ā-jent),
a solution of ammonium vanadate in sulfuric acid, used in color tests for alkaloids.
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S5, Mandelin reagent: ammonium metavanadate (A8050; Sigma Chemical Co.), 800 mg/L in concentrated sulfuric acid; stable at room temperature for at least a year
The sequence of reactions for plate 2 was as follows: 2A, N[H.sub.4]OH vapor, fluorescamine, FPN, D1; 2B, formaldehyde for 5-10 min, then concentrated [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4] dip; 2C, formaldehyde for 5-10 min, then Mandelin reagent dip.