mandated reporter

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man·dated re·por·ter

(man'dā-tĕd rē-pōr'tĕr)
A professional person required by law to report evidence or suspicion that a child or elderly adult has been abused or neglected. Mandated reporters include, but are not limited to, physicians, surgeons, medical examiners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, social workers, residents, interns, and other hospital personnel involved in admission, care, examination, or treatment of patients.
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On the other hand, a mandated reporter who knowingly fails to report an incident or who willfully prevents another person from reporting such an incident commits a criminal offence.
* You are a mandated reporter. The allegations must be reported to the appropriate agency, regardless of how far back the allegations may go in time.
He said many reports come from the Bureau of Elderly and Adult Services, where everyone is a mandated reporter, meaning they have to report all allegations that come to them.
"School districts are either not paying attention or they appear to be flagrantly ignoring their responsibilities under the Mandated Reporter Act, which has been the law in this state for many years."
This training can be incorporated into existing courses or, as is done in many states with mandated reporter training, as an add-on to the curriculum.
Although institutions are required by law to train everyone on campus who is a mandated reporter (essentially all responsible employees), not enough is being done to ensure each person truly understands their obligations, says O'Keeffe.
Recognition of Child Abuse for the Mandated Reporter, 4th Edition
His sister told their mom, their mom called a counseling center to ask what to do, the counselor was a "mandated reporter," and Josh ended up in juvenile prison for three and a half years.
A counselor is a mandated reporter; choosing between a client's safety and a child's safety is not an easy call.
Sullivan allegedly said he was a mandated reporter because he is a coach and he felt compelled to alert authorities to the abuse that he believed was taking place.
An element related to the mandated reporter role is possible resistance to the role itself.