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A high public or government official of the Chinese empire; the term has been used in reference to the power wielded by a mandarin-like class of professionals—physicians, lawyers, scientists, engineers, middle managers, etc.
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The peak season for kinnow mandarins in Pakistan lasts from December up to February.
The main difference being that I've used gluten-free self-raising flour, added xanthan gum and a few tablespoons of juice from the mandarin, which adds both flavour and helps keep it moist.
Adjara's local government announced that companies that pay 0.2 GEL for every kilogram of lower quality mandarins to be processed and not sold as fruit would receive a subsidy of 0.10 GEL from the state.
Toss the sugar coated almonds and 1 cup of chopped mandarins.
Their research focuses on uncovering more details about the natural chemicals in mandarins that contribute to the fruit's pleasing flavor and on determining what causes changes in those flavors after the fruit is put into storage.
Heat a heavy-based frying pan and add duck, skin side down, with halved mandarins, cut side down.
In the first study, scientists at the National Institute of Fruit Tree Science surveyed 1,073 people who ate a high number of mandarins.
"The festival has certainly taken mandarins to a new level," says Ralene Snow, whose line of citrusy items, Snow's Citrus Court, includes mandarin syrup, salad dressings, and marinades.
Lemann is really concerned only with Mandarins, even as he recognizes that Lifers and especially Talents are not only more abundant but ultimately more important to the shape of American life.
The mandarins were supposed to become technocrat-statesmen who would operate a complicated new national applied-research apparatus and provide policy and administrative expertise to government.
De Beauvoir's semiautobiographical novel addressed the attempts of post-World War II leftist intellectuals to abandon their elite, "mandarin" status and to engage in political activism.
Cook the duck and mandarins, uncovered, for about 20 minutes.