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A high public or government official of the Chinese empire; the term has been used in reference to the power wielded by a mandarin-like class of professionals—physicians, lawyers, scientists, engineers, middle managers, etc.
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El momento de llegada de las polillas coincidio con la cosecha y un precio bajo de la mandarina, esto propicio que muchos agricultores no cosecharan oportunamente, generando alta disponibilidad de frutos para las mariposas, agravando el problema.
Mandarina Separar un gajo de mandarina del resto sin causar dano al mismo o al resto de la mandarina.
Egg parasitoids Telenomus theophilae Wu et Chen, were reared from wild silkworm Bombyx mandarina eggs collected at Tongxiang city, Zhejiang province in China.
And guests are set to be treated to a large range of Brains Craft Brewery and guest rotational cask and keg beers with no less than 18 draught products, including the specially brewed Cambrian Pale, a hoppy pale ale hopped with Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic.
Musician and scholar Benjamin Lapidus provides an examination of expressions of identity and its interplay with music among Latino Chinese or Chinese Latino musicians and performers: specific artists discussed include Cuban Chinese such as Hilda lee and orquesta Anacaona (Castro sisters), Theodore "Fats" Navarro, the Puerto Rican Chinese singer Chino Rodriguez, and the China-based group Mandarina China, among others.
The former magazine editor had been inspired to set up Mandarina Shoes after falling in love with the vibrant silks she discovered while living in Vietnam.
The collaboration beer will officially be called "Fall Line Fest Amped Up Ale" is described as a Farmhouse ale, dry-hopped with Sorachi Ace and Mandarina Bavaria hops and spiced with fresh local ginger.