phase encoding

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phase en·cod·ing

in magnetic resonance imaging, the technique of inducing a gradient in the magnetic field in the x or y axis to induce phase differences with location.
Synonym(s): gradient encoding
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phase encoding

An MRI term for the process of locating an MR signal by altering the phase of spins in one dimension with a pulsed magnetic field gradient along that dimension before acquiring the signal. Because each signal component experiences a different phase-encoding gradient pulse, its exact spatial reconstruction can be specifically and precisely located by the Fourier transformation analysis. Spatial resolution is directly correlated to the number of phase-encoding levels (gradients) used.
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Figures 5(a)-5(e) show the eye openings for 128 customers simulated with Manchester code for distances of 10 km, 16 km, 22 km, and 25 km.
It is observed that the least BER is obtained up to 19 km, 25 km and 28 km for Manchester code, RZ and NRZ respectively.
Distance (km) Q factor BER 13 9.57 2.089e - 26 16 8.74 1.0551e - 22 19 7.29 7.075e - 21 22 6.72 5.597e - 15 25 5.34 1.1221e - 10 28 4.79 3.419e - 9 TABLE 3: Calculated BER and Q values for Manchester code. Distance Q BER (km) factor 10 8.01 1.03e-13 13 7.67 2.5e-11 16 6.83 9.5e-10 19 5.47 8.7e-9 22 4.18 8.5e-8 25 3.92 6.91e-7
The RFID reader may use the Manchester code to identify the bit where the collision occurred.
The Collision Tree (CT) protocol [5] improves the Query Tree (QT) protocol [4] by using the Manchester code. The QT protocol uses the prefix of the tag ID as a query message.
TOP PERFORMER: Laura Webb (above) shows off the medals she won as part of the team from Knowsley (right) at Sport City in Manchester code: TJ
It is the same phone number as Andy's, but without the 0161 Manchester code.

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