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city in England, where the operation was developed.
Manchester operation - a vaginal operation for prolapse of the uterus, consisting of cervical amputation and parametrial fixation (cardinal ligaments) anterior to the uterus. Synonym(s): Fothergill operation
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Leaving the ground with the air of a father mourning over some prodigal son, he encountered Mr Jacob Dodson, of Manchester.
"In spite of a slight tendency to exaggeration, Katharine decidedly hits the mark," he said, and lying back in his chair, with his opaque contemplative eyes fixed on the ceiling, and the tips of his fingers pressed together, he depicted, first the horrors of the streets of Manchester, and then the bare, immense moors on the outskirts of the town, and then the scrubby little house in which the girl would live, and then the professors and the miserable young students devoted to the more strenuous works of our younger dramatists, who would visit her, and how her appearance would change by degrees, and how she would fly to London, and how Katharine would have to lead her about, as one leads an eager dog on a chain, past rows of clamorous butchers' shops, poor dear creature.
The talk had passed over Manchester, after dealing with it very generously.
"My love," he said, shaking his head as she looked beseechingly at him, "I have too much Manchester cotton in my constitution for long idylls.
Yuzu, Manchester city centre What the guide says: "Accomplished and delicious Japanese cuisine at very sensible prices isn't easy to find - especially in Chinatown - but this little gem of a corner spot on the edge of the area is the exception." Sugo Pasta Kitchen, Altrincham What the guide says: "A superb and authentic variety of perfectly cooked pasta dishes, using ingredients flown in weekly from Puglia, combined with the passion of brothers Michael and Alex Di Martiis have created a major buzz that surrounds this basic and small outfit near Altrincham market." Levanter, Ramsbottom What the guide says: "Joe and Fiona Botham's excellent tapas joint has a fantastic selection of tasty morsels, reasonably priced...
Our strategic initiatives include: bringing rail to Manchester, establishing a civic center, developing the river front, and beautification and safety.
REGARDING Felicity Newson's preview of the book englandsnorthwest by Sir Bob Scott: Sir Bob says Manchester is stronger than Liverpool and one factor is that Manchester has twice the population of Liverpool.
As a result, the following amendments will apply - Monday thursday: The 22:00 Newcastle to Manchester Airport service will not call at Manchester Victoria, and will terminate at Manchester Piccadilly.
RAIL passengers hoping to travel between Christmas and New Year could be scuppered by major works around Manchester Victoria.
The spirit of Manchester, the largest city in northern New England and the financial center of the state, is alive and well and the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) is proud to be a part of this vibrant region and community.
As a result, the following amendments will apply: Monday to Thursday: The 22:00 Newcastle to Manchester Airport service will not call at Manchester Victoria, and will terminate at Manchester Piccadilly.
Manchester Suite RL A-5,000 SF subdivisable (Class A)