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manas (mä·ns),

n in Ayurvedic philosophy, the mind. A sound body, mind, and soul are essential for maintaining good health.
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Out of the four international and seven domestic airports in the Kyrgyz Republic Manas International Airport, which is located in the national capital of Bishkek, is the largest international airport in the country.
Net profit of Manas in 2014 amounted to 834,163,600 KGS or 23% less than in 2013.
Otorbaev also said that the US must withdraw its military facilities, personnel and equipment prior the deadline and no US military presence must be left in Manas after July 11.
Whether the Manas base will be closed or not has almost become an endless story.
Manas will use the loan to acquire a licence for geological exploration of coal in the Eastern Kokkia area of the Toguz-Toro district, Jalal-Abad region, Leed said.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that while there are alternatives to Manas Transit Center, he was hopeful that the U.
Mukharji's exhibition is titled The Cradle of Rivers -- Kailas and Manas .
In particular, after Stalin's rise to power, Manas and those championing its dissemination were at best frowned upon and at worst forcibly repressed.
The triad of the Manas epic was recognized on this day not only by the UNESCO, but also the whole world," the statement says.
Using innovative multimedia capabilities, the study of the Manas epic will be an interesting and useful exercise for students.
Negotiations between Russia and Kyrgyzstan indicates that Rosneft will take over Manas Air-field and will convert it into an International Airport catering to domestic and international flights around Central Asia.